New And Exciting Post Coming Up!

We will post an update of this blog soon… yeah, yeah, we did not die as yet… why not die of overeating… why diet?


We are still us, just busy and Mae went back to Philippines… but there will be exciting write ups about food and travels and some adventures soon!


Still Strong!

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Pages You Should Consider

Welcome to my blog, either you just stumbled upon, followers, friends, among other stuff, these is how you will go through this blog:

The Pages:

About – this is me and the rest of the gang!  This is who we are and how we came up with this blog.

Foodie Journey, Cheap Eats – Pages where you will see restaurants we have visited and our take on this outlet.

Things to Explore and Do – Simple tricks and trips of being a tourist here in Dubai. We are now exploring into new being your tour guide.

Working in Dubai – Some Hospitality opportunities in the Middle East, maybe you will find something interesting there that would fit with your personality and background.

Opportunities Here are Legit from my Company called DagazHR Consulting. You can Visit the site directly or you can check some amazing positions here.

Contact Page – contact me anytime if you have suggestions, reaction or even a simple hello!

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Welcome to My Food Blog

Not many Filipinos are known to be adventurous with food. Most of us stick to the traditional, complicated and ordinary way of eating. Our culture has been influenced by different countries including the Malays, the Chinese, the Spanish, the Americans, etc. Though balut (fertilized duck egg) is considered to be one of the most adventurous exotic food in the world, we are more well-known to be rice and adobo eater.

Rice and Adobo!

Filipino food as described by one of my friend who is a chef is simply bland and extremes. Our cuisines according to him are very dependent with salt, msg. and we seldom use the pepper! He also pointed out that we are so afraid of spices – not many Filipinos know how to use cardamom or even saffron. Every lunch break, he would peep on my baun (packed lunch) and check if I am eating rice again! At one point, he challenged me to be adventurous with my food choices as I am now in Dubai.

Balut Vendor

Dubai is a cultural hub, a place where people from all over the world commune and share their culture. I even heard from one of the famous hotels here that they have 139 cultures in one roof! No wonder, there are restaurants, food outlets, shops that sells different food varieties from different part of the globe.

Your Adventurer in Gold Market!

Yallah! is a common Arabic word meaning: Let’s Go! On the other hand, Chibug/ Chibugan is a Filipino slang for Food/ Eating! Yallah! Chibugan! na means – Come on! Let’s eat! A combination of an Arabic and Filipino slang calling people to come and eat. We are in Dubai, so most, if not all, the restaurants we will be in Dubai where we are at the moment.

Couple of Friends!!!

With couple of my friends, join us as we explore different culinary art from all over the globe in the City of Gold – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Oh, by the way, I am not a Food Critic – I am just a Food Lover!

Yallah! Chibugan na!

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