Betawi Indonesian Restaurant, Karama, Dubai, UAE

All of us have traveled to different parts of Asia, and we have all tasted the authentic Nasi Goreng in one way or the other. This is one of my favorite food wherever I go in Asia, very economical (you already have rice and meat in one dish) and super yummy! I always love the spicy version of it.

Betawi Restaurant Sign

In search of the authentic Nasi Goreng in Dubai, we stumbled upon Betawi Restaurant in Karama that serves authentic Indonesian cuisines. As we are aware of, Nasi Goreng is the ‘national dish’ of Indonesia, just like Adobo for Philippines. We have seen reviews and we thought of visiting it and see what’s the difference between ‘authentic’ Nasi Goreng to the faux rice-fast food-with-condiments been offered by one of the Asian restaurants here in Dubai (famous for Filipinos!).

What’s in Here?

As usual, our Resident Pirate, Hyden, knows the location and the place (is there any place in Dubai that Hyden does not know?). It is located behind the Ministry of Health in Karama, just a right turn after West Zone Supermarket (former Bai Tong Thai Restaurant – my favorite!). I know you are confused with the direction, so am I!  But with the help of our hi-hello-do-you-know-this-place with a smile, we easily find the place.

Parang Carenderia Lang (Like a Small Restaurant)

Since Indonesia and the Philippines are countries next to each other, we compared what we had to our famous Filipino dishes (minus the spice of course!).

Tahu Isi with Peanut Sauce

Tahu Isi (Fried Tofu) is like a sweeter version Fried Tofu Okoy with peanut sauce

Batagur with Cucumber

Batagur (Fish Cake) is like the bigger version of sliced Kikiam with cucumber, sweet peanut sauce and fried lumpia wrapper

Sup Buntot

Sup Buntut (Oxtail Soup) is like Bulalo that taste like Ilonggo Batchoy (we love this!)

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) is like Spicy Meat Sinangag topped with fried egg, served with kropek and achara

Sate Ayam

Sate Ayam (Chicken Sate) is like Chicken Barbecue with peanut sauce, slice cucumber, kropek and more achara

(A little sweet because of the peanut sauce – we didn’t like it much!)

Extra Spicy Condiments

Condiments on the table. Do not ever try the extra spicy chili sauce if you are not tolerant with Chili. It is SUPER CHILI!

Food is Served!

It is like eating in a Filipino Carenderia, everything is served together with your drink and desert at the same time.

We’re Over Budget!

All in all, it is like eating in a traditional Filipino Carenderia (small spaces, cooks shouting at the waiter, owner as the cashier, food is served together, etc.). The cuisines are almost related to some Filipino dishes with extra spice and flavor. We all love this restaurant as we will definitely be back here in the future, highly recommended for an authentic Nasi Goreng.

All Smiles After the MEAL!

Final words, let us try to learn some Indonesian phrases.

Terimah Kasih!!!

Yallah! Chibugan na!


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