Sabah Lebnan – Lebanese Restuarant, Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE

Front Of House

Thursday Night, another place to visit, another get together with friends and a visitor with us (too much pressure!). This time it will be special as we are celebrating Hyden’s Birthday and we have a special visitor just arrived from his vacay in Egypt (thank you Ibrahim for the papyrus prints – loving it!).

A Game Room? A Hunter’s Place!

We were craving for kababs and some khuboz. We tried to search in the internet for the best kababs and we saw Barbecue Delights near Lamcy Plaza. We thought that the place would be very interesting and we really never been around Oud Metha area. Arriving at the place, the waiter led us to the banquet – we really didn’t like it (we are not a banquet peeps – hello!!!). We moved on!

We Miss You Hyden! Where are YOU?

We walked around and found a Lebanese place called, Sabah Lebnan. Looks interesting with some hunter style – game interiors and an inviting place (the guy that looks like a Manager seated us and he was very friendly).  He recommended a Kabab Mix – where everything will be there, chicken, mutton, beef and some grilled veggies. It looks sufficient with 4 of us plus all the side dishes including khuboz and hummous, fresh veggies, pickled veggies and olives, tabbouleh (chopped salad greens) and some drinks!

Tabbouleh – Minced Green Salad (I always love this but this is way too sour!)
Plate of Fresh Veggies (Spinach, Pepper. Tomato, Carrots, Cucumber – Where is the knife?)
Crispy Khuboz in a Basket (I like it baked fresh, not store bought!)
Pickled Peppers, Eggplant, Beetroot & Olives (Salty Pickled Condiments – I love this!)
Houmous – Chickpeas and Olive Oil (Loving this, all time favourite!)
Mix Kababs – Chicken, Mutton, Beef & Grilled Mix Veggies (A bit dry, I think not made to order – not so good!)
My Plate (I Love Kababs!)

In memory of our Resident Pirate, Hyden (as if she is dead!), we are celebrating your life and your birthday! All we eat is for you and you alone! We will fill our tummy with your food!

Thumbs up for Hyden with Ibrahim, our visitor from Egypt
Hyden, this Houmus is for YOU!

We have enjoyed the meal. Sabah Lebnan comparing with the Egyptian restaurant (Al Ammour) we had previously, I think Egyptian cuisines have more flavour than this Lebanese outlet. Personality wise, this outlet is more friendly and accommodating, the Manager and our Waitress know what they were doing. We might be coming back soon, but not sooner!


We enjoyed celebrating Hyden’s birthday! Happy Birthday Hyden!
Yallah! Chibugan na!

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