Bu Qtair Cafeteria, Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah, Dubai , UAE

I had come across Anthony Bourdain’s:  No Reservations features on Dubai and I got interested when they featured a 25-year old restaurant in Dubai. Bourdain was eating on a fish restaurant and he seemed enjoying it. I got intrigued and discussed with our lovely Pirate, not surprisingly, she knows the place!

Hungry Adventurers with Burj Al Arab as Background!

We have invited (or they have invited themselves!) from our FILHR Friends – Janina and Prexy to join us to try this restaurant. As usual, they were always late but it was okay as the Bu Qtair opens at 6:45pm only!  We were so early and we were so excited!

We Want This Fish!

Bu Qtair is not the usual restaurant you use to know. It looks more of a Carenderia that sells fried fish,  fresh coconut curry and some food items – more of an Indian cuisine stall. We have ordered 2pcs of large fish and half a kilo of shrimps (all fried with some spice), 4 rice (super large servings!), 4 pcs fried chapatis (for me!), soft drinks and water. We got free – fried onion balls, green salad and fresh curry sauce (so yummy!).

The Food is Here!

Surely, this place is one of the most authentic and yummy-est place I have ever been. The food was just so great and beyond my expectations. Most Filipinos do not like ‘after taste’ smell of the spices of some cuisines but this one converted us greatly! Maybe we are inclined to eat more something like this – maybe more curry next time! Janina and Prexy lost their being ‘sosyal’ eating all these by hands!

Free Fried Onion Balls – Yummy!!!
Fried Shrimps – Yummy Yummy!!!
Fresh Fried Fish and Shrimps – Yummier!!!
Fish with Friends – The Best!!!

After the sumptuous meal, we were so stuffed! We decided to take a walk towards one of Sizzling Mama’s favourite place – McDonalds! We had ice cream for dessert. I chose the  1 AED ice cream thing-y as there is no more space in my big tummy! We spent close to 200 AED for the food and dessert we had – not bad for a 6-person meal!

Yallah! Chibugan na!

This is the Video that inspired this Adventure!


2 thoughts on “Bu Qtair Cafeteria, Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah, Dubai , UAE

  1. Food looks great! I really need to go there! I guess I’m the only food blogger in Dubai, who hasn’t been there yet… Btw. nice to meet you at Kris Kin the other evening, -happy year of the horse:)


  2. Carla Roque

    I’ve been to Bu Qtair, great experience. thanks for sharing


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