Ramadan Reflection at Liwan Restaurant, Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana Hotel, Deira, Dubai, UAE

Iftar Meal at Liwan Restaurant, Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana Hotel, Deira, Dubai, UAE

Liwan Restaurant

It has been a while since I have updated my blog, and now it is Ramadan once again. Ramadan in the Gulf makes all things slowed down with short working hours and the soaring temperature that does not encourage you to be outside and enjoy outdoor.  Ramadan is also the time where everyone is encouraged to reflect on the life we are living. It is a time of prayer and reflection.

Ramadan is the time for IFTAR! The tradition of breaking the fast after a long day of fasting, prayers and reflection. It is the time where everyone shares a meal with family, friends, officemates as well people you do not know. There are lot of choices for Iftar meals all over town. From the most humble to the most elaborate buffets – yes, most Iftar meals are buffet!  Prices ranging from the most expensive to fastfood style offers.

Since the girls are busy, I have the honour to share a meal with my brother, in one of our favourite hotels in Dubai (since this is close to where we stay).

Welcome Tea from the Wait Staff!


Liwan will invite you to the most aromatic, lively and vibrant culinary journey. Upon entering the door, you will be greeted by 2 smiling wait staff offering you Moroccan Mint Tea which is refreshing and a good start of a meal. There are choices of nuts, dates and berries inside a box upon sitting down. They have a juice bar that serves the yummy dates, laban and other non-alcoholic concoction which will ensure you your whole day sacrifice of not drinking the whole day pays off.

We started to explore the Salad Bar with a combination of colours and taste from all over the world! They have an interesting concept of putting different veges in a cup which is very practical and captures our attention. Jec went straight ahead filling his plate with leaves, herbs and olives. Then covering it up with some creamy house dressing – which he believes not pre-made (thank goodness!). I don’t do vege much, so I just pick some bits and pieces of things and cover it with some olive oil based dressing.

Next stop is my favourite Kabab and Ouzi Combo . Ouzi is a local dish I always look forward every Ramadan. This is a combination of rice and meat – rice taste like a non-spicy biryani topped with a big chunk of off to the bone lamb/ meat. It looks like a bigger version of mandi but taste more like a Filipino rice toppings style with barbecue.

There are wide selection of food from all over the world, but give me rice… and I will be stuffed!

We finished off with some sweet sensation – the Arabic Dessert! It is always a combination of different nuts and buttery sweets that would satisfy your sweet tooth. I opted for some variety with different textures and level of sweetness. I am not a dessert person but it was so tempting that I go for it!

Looking back to what we have experienced, this inspired me to stop, write and feel the goodness of food once again. Food inspires me. The sensation of having the goodness of smelling, tasting and all the texture and colours give life.  This is my LIFE, this is my REFLECTION in this season of Ramadan.

What about you?


For more information about the Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana and the Dining they Offers this Ramadan, visit:

Ramadan Offers with Al Ghurair Rayhaan By Rotana Hotel


Yallah! Chibugan Na!

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