Nepal Adventure Part 3

Day 4


We again woke up so early in the morning, in the tune of 6:00am Pokhara time! This place wakes up early and starts their day VERY early! We still cannot fathom it after a couple of days in this country!


Our driver were already waiting outside to drive us on top of the mountain of Sarangkot to see more Himalayan Mountain sunrise. The trip took us around 30 minutes to go up to the higher ground (they call it hills, we call it mountains!). When we arrived there, it was already packed with tourists from all over.

We made our way up to some local house rooftop and… wallah! Another amazing view of the Anapurna Mountain Range! We have seen several amazingly shaped mountain tops including Fishtail (that looks like fish tail literally!) among other stuff. Took some photos… and all the people gone except us! People’s attitude toward it was like – grab and go…. Nagarkot is 2150 metres above sea level but never felt that way.


After savouring the moment, we went back to our hotel a bit sick from waking up so early and feeling cold. We have rested for a couple of hours and next to our activity… the boat ride to Tal Barahi Buddhist Temple in the middle of Phewa Lake. The temple was in honour of Baba Ganesh.


It was a quiet boat ride with a traditional banka. Sometimes you wonder how this lake end up here in the middle of the mountains but judging with what our experience so far… we always conclude as: this is how the Creator made it for us.


Afternoon is back to Kathmandu via Buddha Air flight from Pokhara Airport. A small strip that is the centre of all the flying activities in the area including mountain flights, skydiving, etc. but it was functional. We bid farewell to our driver, Soraz. We tool the plane whilst he will make his way back to Kathmandu via his car – another 8 hours or so drive on the winding road way back… And back to the crazy and dusty Kathmandu.

We end our day with a dinner at the  Rum Doodle Restaurant, Thamel, Kathmandu,  which is named after the world’s highest mountain, the 40,000½ft Mountain, Rum Doodle. A bar and restaurant put up by some mountaineers long way back to meet other travelers. This is a themed restaurant where you are allowed to make your own doodle and hang it inside the restaurant. We’ve seen some doodles way back early 80’s.  Hyden, though her energy was low, created our doodle with a Philippine flag! Our way of putting our mark in their restaurant.  We’ve been there!



Day 5, Final Goodbye


Morning was not a rush for us, thank GOD! We have no activities set by our travel agent today except on our own.  What else would you do if you are free… then go SHOPPING!

We went back to Thamel Market to buy some souvenirs and pasalubongs to our friends waiting in Dubai.  Thamel is one of the best place to shop if you know your math and you know how to haggle. We had some excellent tea, shirts, pashminas, and some jewelries. Gertie was an amazing shopper I found out. Imagine an 18,000Rupees necklace purchased by her in 5,000Rupees! She is definitely one of the best person to be with when asking for discount, she knows how to haggle!

Lunch at Fire and Ice Pizzeria

We end our shopping with a great pizza and beer lunch at Fire and Ice Pizzeria. One of the greatest places to eat in Kathmandu. They serve proper pizza cooked in a wood fire oven. I think they were using Buffalo Cheese or something as the cheese is not over powering and the dough is gooey. Perfect with local beer or espresso, they serve proper coffee as well! And free WIFI!

Afternoon was spent packing and at 4:00 in the afternoon, we are off to the airport. We say goodbye to the most helpful, and great guide. We know that the world is small and we will see them again.


We left Nepal with a heavy heart. Though we’ve loved the place, we have to go back to the reality of our lives. There were great realizations among ourselves including the appreciation of God’s creation. Wondering how these things were created… and of course the love and friendship of the people we’ve met. In our 5 days in Nepal, we have not encountered rude local people… they were all sweet and caring people. We treasure this thru the rest of our lives… and we know, we will come back to this place!



We are highly recommending our Tour Company of this trip. They have arranged all the hotel bookings, tours, English speaking guides, and the rest of our experience. They have EXECEEDED our expectations plus some great experience. They can arrange tours including trekking (next time for us!), and some other stuff. You just tell them what you like and they will design programs for you.


We will leave their contact details below, you can contact them directly.


Bibhu Thakur, General Manager

Himalayan Holidays

PO BOX : 5513, Kailashchour Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 977-1-4438070, 4417719; Fax : 977-01-4435467

Skype  : namaste.himhols

Email: (Bibhu); (Barun)



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