Nepal Adventure Part 2

Day 3

Sunrise Over Nagarkot, Nepal

Sunrise Over Nagarkot, Nepal

This day started early… a combination of the wonder and awe to the extreme fun and adventure.

The Fort Hotel, Nagarkot, Nepal

The Fort Hotel, Nagarkot, Nepal

We woke up early (as in 6:00AM, Nagarkot Time!) for the early morning view of the sunrise over Himalayas Mountains. It was cold winter, 2Degrees Celsius in the middle of the mountains. We hassled up to climb the rooftop of our hotel, 4 floors of vertical stairs! We sweat it out a bit!

We’ve waited for around a couple of minutes and there it was! A magnificent view of the sunrise. No words can describe it except we were all amazed with the beauty of God’s creation slowly unfolding in our eyes. We cannot ask for more, the wait and the coldness of winter was worth a wait. Somehow it was a pure religious experience for me, looking at how the Ultimate created these things and showing how glorious it is!

Hyden Taking Photos The Fort Hotel, Nagarkot The Fort Hotel, Jerry The Fort Hotel, Gertie Sunrise Over Nagarkot Sunrise Over Nagarkot Sunrise Over Nagarkot Cold After the Sunrise Last View of Sunrise Sunrise Over Nagarkot

Sunrise Over Nagarkot, Nepal

Sunrise Over Nagarkot, Nepal

After taking photos, we went to take our breakfast talking about what we just have seen. It took long time for us to process that experience. We were just so awesomely struck on the beauty of this place unfolding in front of us. Breakfast was not bad at all, it was egg, bacon, toast, coffee, jam and jelly. Gertie loved the sausages while I chewed all the pork bacon! This is what it is….

Breakfast FOOD!

Breakfast FOOD!

We packed our bags once again and left the place. We cannot truly forget this experience.


And we drive… and drive… for more than 5 hours! Boring as it was, passing all the towns and cities, and mountains and hills, and people and places… and more drive…  except for some stops to fill the petrol, over speeding ticket from the cops (60KpH slope but we did 80KpH), buying some seasonal oranges… nothing exciting about it. And more drive….

As we thought our day will all be driving, we stopped at the town of Sharudi. We were told that we will going to have White Water Rafting over Trisuli River. We were like – oh great, rafting! Is it safe? Is the water freezing? (Eyes rolling!)

We had a cold lunch at the bank of Trisuli River, saw some toned girls and guys, some inflatable boats, some paddles, and we thought… this it is! Rafting here we come!

Rafting at Trisuli River

Orientation, some paddle practice, some more orientation – parts of the boat, when you fall off the raft, what you will do, etc. Of course, yours truly were not listening since I have done this activities in the Philippines – both in Cagayan de Oro and Saranggani.


And off we go… first rapid, ok, not bad! More paddle… bigger rapid, another excitement! Then off we went… rapids after rapids, and more rapids! Oh my GOD, this is AMAZING!!! More paddle, more rapids… after 15 rapids, I stopped counting. I could no longer count as the water rapids were just plenty! And the river banks coupled with some amazing hanging bridges… truly an experience of a lifetime! And the climax was one of the biggest rapids I have ever seen – like 100 metres long of rocks and water current!


The 3 hours, 15 km of paddling over Trisuli River we end our adventure in a quiet town of Fishling. This experience was a combination of super adventure and maximum excitement, was really worth an experience. Kudos to Dil Gurung from  Adventure Aves Nepal  and his Team for giving us this once in a lifetime experience! We felt really safe as there were 4 guys on a kayak alongside with us, us plus the ‘mother boat’ and Binod as our Boat Captain plus another boat assistant. You guys truly rocks!

And yes, they have our videos and pictures, we are just waiting for that! We will share it here soon! When we come back to Nepal, we will again do this!

Having Tea with Our Rafting Guides

Having Tea with Our Rafting Guides

After thanking Dil and his Team over tea, we continued our journey to Pokhara. We arrived there around 7:00pm, with all the adrenaline rush and excitement over our day.

BusyBee Cafe Exterior

Busy Bee Cafe Food

Busy Bee Cafe Food

We end our day with dinner at Busy Bee Restaurant, Pokhara. Busy Bee is a proper restaurant with proper music band! We were actually impressed that there are a lot of tourists there! Food were properly prepared except for their specialty roasted chicken as once again, it was drenched with gravy. We were used to have our sliced chicken, then gravy on the side, but in Nepal we have noticed that when you order roasted or fried – it is always covered with gravy – where’s the chicken? But they had proper pizza with local cheese which was so milky and gooey – we loved it. Pasta Alfredo was RED sauce – strange! It is always relaxing when you end your day with pizza and beer, what more you can ask for? #simplepleasure

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